Rep. Braun heads back to Washington for his latest fundraiser with McConnell allies


INDIANAPOLIS – Rep. Braun is returning to the swamp today for yet another fundraiser with GOP elites in Washington, marking at least the 10th out-of-state fundraising event he’s attended since the primary.

Rep. Braun is holding another fundraising lunch in Washington at noon today with Senator Todd Young on Capitol Hill. While no hosts besides Senator Young are listed on the invitation, it’s likely that he’ll be trying to raise funds from the same McConnell allies he’s been soliciting for money over the last several months during frequent trips to Washington and Beverly Hills. The invitation shows Rep. Braun is still trying to retire the debt from his personal loans for his primary campaign, even though he claimed he was self-funding during the primary because it would keep him accountable to Hoosiers instead of donors.

Rep. Braun’s recent out-of-state fundraisers drew scrutiny at home after he held more finance events in Washington than public campaign events in Indiana in the month-and-a-half after the primary. For three consecutive weeks in June and July, Rep. Braun failed to attend a single campaign event in Indiana, despite making several appearances at out-of-state fundraisers in Washington and Beverly Hills. He reportedly concluded the period by going on vacation.

“After spending the primary assailing the ‘swamp’, Rep. Braun now just can’t seem to stay away from his donor pals in D.C. It’s clear now he’s far more interested in getting the attention of special interest donors than he is talking with Hoosier voters,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “Hoosier voters aren’t fooled by this hypocritical ‘outsider’ who tries to raise funds and retire personal debt from Mitch McConnell’s allies while hiding from Hoosiers for weeks at a time.”

Invitation for Rep. Braun’s D.C. fundraiser today:


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