Rep. Braun lies again about support for protections for pre-existing conditions while supporting DOJ lawsuit to destroy them


INDIANAPOLIS – Rep. Braun yesterday once again tried to pretend he supports protections for pre-existing conditions despite failing to point to any concrete plan to do so and fully supporting a lawsuit aimed at stripping those protections away.

During an interview on the Ed Morrissey Show yesterday, Rep. Braun pretended once again that he supported protections for pre-existing conditions. Yet as he has every other time he’s made that claim, he again failed to provide any real plans to back it up. Instead, he discussed a non-existent solution to health care that would protect pre-existing conditions, which he’d “roll… out soon as to how you could do it.” After running for Senate for more than a year, however, he has yet to articulate what that plan might actually look like.

While Rep. Braun has yet to offer up his support for a concrete health care proposal that retains pre-existing conditions coverage, he has supported every major GOP proposal over the past year to strip away those protections for the 1.1 million Hoosiers under 65 with pre-existing conditions. That includes his support for the GOP-led lawsuit that the Department of Justice recently joined expressly aimed at stripping away those protections.

Additionally, Rep. Braun has backed every Republican attempt to dismantle the nation’s health care system and destroy pre-existing condition protections, including last year’s controversial House and Senate bills. It’s unclear why Rep. Braun continues to claim he supports protections for pre-existing conditions while supporting every major proposal to destroy them and none that would retain them.

“No matter how hard he tries, millions of Hoosiers with pre-existing conditions can see right through Rep. Braun’s empty rhetoric to his consistent support for policies aimed at stripping those protections away,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “Rep. Braun is lying to Hoosiers because he knows that his support for the GOP’s attempts to rip away protections for pre-existing conditions aren’t popular. Voters don’t want him representing them because they know he’ll be another vote in the Senate to undermine their health care.”


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