Rep. Braun lies his way through bumbling radio interview with series of false and inflammatory statements


INDIANAPOLIS – Rep. Braun told a wide-ranging series of lies in a radio interview with a conservative commentator yesterday that reminded Hoosiers why he’s been so allergic in recent weeks to speaking with the media.

During a bizarre interview with Tony Katz on WIBC, Rep. Braun made a series of false claims on Curtis Hill’s groping scandal and other issues in what should have been an easy interview for him. Despite the allegations from multiple women, Rep. Braun claimed that the decision to resign was a “personal decision” for Hill, and that Hill’s decision to fight is “within his right to do so.” He also sought to undermine the credibility of the women accusers, saying that “only Curtis knows [if these allegations are true] himself.”

The interview was clearly so alarming to his team that within hours, his campaign put out a statement clarifying that he did want Hill to resign. Rep. Braun’s lies and misstatements went far beyond just the Hill scandal, however; here are just some of the whoppers he told in fewer than 10 minutes on the radio.

CLAIM: Rep. Braun said the ads about his business’ importing practice had “no basis in truth”
THE TRUTH: Politifact and the AP both found that Rep. Braun’s company had received multiple shipments of imports from countries including China, and the companies whose products he distributed produced goods in several foreign countries, including China and Mexico.

CLAIM: Rep. Braun dismissed claims that his company treated his workers poorly, saying that “anyone you check with will give [Meyer] high marks”
THE TRUTH: Federal agencies found hundreds of violations of workplace safety standards at Meyer, including that he forced truckers to falsify logbooks so they could stay on the road for longer than the legal limit, paid his workers less than the minimum wage, denied them breaks, and failed to give them overtime.

CLAIM: Rep. Braun suggested that Joe Donnelly had never signed the front of a paycheck and claimed that he had no background in business.
THE TRUTH: Joe owned a small business called Marking Solutions in Indiana for 10 years.

CLAIM: Rep. Braun claimed he had been spending time “on the ground” campaigning in Indiana.
THE TRUTH: Rep. Braun took several weeks off of the campaign trail in Indiana following June 11 and reportedly went on vacation instead of campaigning.

CLAIM: Rep. Braun claimed Joe was not bipartisan.
THE TRUTH: Joe was named the most bipartisan senator of the last 25 years still serving in office by the Lugar Center.

Rep. Braun’s relationship to the truth became even weaker when it came to discussing the Hill scandal:

CLAIM: Rep. Braun insisted he had not been asked to comment on the Hill scandal.
THE TRUTH: Multiple outlets had asked Rep. Braun for a statement; WRTV published one related to the scandal in response to an inquiry last Wednesday.

CLAIM: Rep. Braun said he believes “there’s no place” for sexual harassment.
THE TRUTH: Rep. Braun hired and continued to employ a man who founded a super PAC to support Roy Moore after news broke that Moore was an alleged serial pedophile.

CLAIM: Rep. Braun said that “only Curtis knows” if the allegations of sexual misconduct against Hill were true.
THE TRUTH: Four women have accused Hill of groping them at a March party, including two who have repeated their claims that Hill groped them publicly and on the record.

Rep. Braun’s willingness to stretch the truth or lie would be toxic for most candidates for public office, it’s in keeping with Rep. Braun’s philosophy — as he told Congressman Messer during the primary, “In this business, everyone makes it up.”

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“Whether saying Hill was the only voice in his scandal who mattered — rather than the women whom he reportedly groped — or dismissing the workplace abuses committed by his company, Rep. Braun showed how far he’s willing to go to cover up his own record,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “Rep. Braun’s campaign may want to try to clean up his mess, but they can’t make up for the words coming right out of their candidate’s own mouth, and his penchant for false claims makes it all the more necessary to hold him accountable for his words and actions.”


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