Rep. Braun only made three campaign appearances in Indiana despite having all week to campaign


Rep. Braun continues trend of hiding from Hoosier voters; only made three publicly known campaign appearances this week

INDIANAPOLIS – Rep. Braun made only three publicly known campaign appearances in Indiana this work week, continuing his trend of making time for wealthy donors while hiding from Hoosier voters.

Rep. Braun held three campaign events in Indiana this work week that he made known to the public. Only one of those events was accessible to ordinary Hoosiers, a rally with President Trump in Evansville.

Rep. Braun has continued to focus on the GOP donor class at the expense of Hoosiers, as in addition to his rally with President Trump, he held a private high-dollar fundraiser with wealthy donors just before taking the stage on Thursday in Evansville. It’s a reminder of his campaign in June, when he was criticized for holding more out-of-state fundraisers in Washington and Beverly Hills than publicly-known campaign events in Indiana.

Rep. Braun’s lackadaisical schedule is striking considering he claimed he was quitting the Statehouse early last year to spend all his time campaigning for the Senate. His appearances during the work week have been rare, and when they come, it’s often to participate in a larger civic event rather than holding a standalone event focused on why he’s running to represent Hoosiers. In contrast, Joe Donnelly has been noted for his tireless efforts on behalf of Hoosiers in the Senate. He spent his August recess on a seven-day, 40-stop RV tour across Indiana.

“Rep. Braun simply doesn’t seem to care about hearing from the majority of Hoosier voters, and only makes an appearance if they’re willing to cut him a check,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “He abandoned his job in the Statehouse so he could hit the campaign trail – but after only making three appearances this week, it’s clear this supposed ‘outsider’ is more interested in meeting donors like himself than the people he hopes to represent.”


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