Rep. Braun opts for Hollywood fundraiser with party elites instead of campaigning in Indiana


Supposed “outsider” attends GOP fundraising retreat in Beverly Hills, continues streak of holding more out-of-state fundraisers than campaign events in Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS –  Rep. Braun attended a “posh” fundraiser in Hollywood with national Republicans instead of campaigning in Indiana, continuing his streak of spending more time with establishment donors than Hoosier voters.

The Washington Examiner reported on Saturday that Rep. Braun went to Beverly Hills this weekend to attend the RNC’s summer finance meeting at the swanky Four Seasons Hotel for a weekend-long fundraising retreat. The event comes on the heels of Rep. Braun being repeatedly dinged for holding more publicly known D.C. finance events since his primary win than he’s held public events in Indiana.

Rep. Braun has now held eight out-of-state events that the public knows about since May 8, against six public events in Indiana. Indeed, since June 11, the candidate who claimed he was an outsider has held more publicly known events just in Hollywood with establishment donors than he has in Indiana.

“Rep. Braun spent the primary claiming that he wouldn’t worry about wealthy donors and would only be accountable to Hoosiers, but whether in Hollywood or D.C., it seems he can’t miss a swanky out-of-state fundraiser with the donors he once derided,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “Hoosier voters have to be dismayed at his glaring hypocrisy of spending his time hobnobbing with the GOP elite in Beverly Hills while campaigning on being an outsider.”


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