Rep. Braun opts to attend country club fundraiser today instead of talking with grassroots Hoosiers


INDIANAPOLIS – Rep. Braun continues to demonstrate he’s not interested in talking to the majority of Hoosier voters, as his first “public” event of the week is at a country club fundraiser today in Indianapolis with wealthy donors.

Rep. Braun appeared at a country club fundraiser this evening in Indianapolis – his only known in-state event this week. In fact, two of Rep. Braun’s three known appearances in the next two weeks are at country club fundraisers hosted by wealthy donors. His decision to focus on holding fundraisers with wealthy donors at the expense of public events with hard-working Hoosiers has been a trend that continued even after he was heavily criticized in June for holding more out-of-state fundraisers in D.C. and Beverly Hills than public campaign events in Indiana.

While his opponent has been noted for his tireless efforts on behalf of Hoosiers in the Senate yet still finds time to campaign every week in Indiana, Rep. Braun claimed he quit the Statehouse early last year so he could campaign full time. In practice, however, his campaign’s public appearances are few and far between, and they’re almost certain to piggy-back off pre-existing parades and fairs rather than exist as standalone events. Rep. Braun seems content to only show up for fundraisers with wealthy donors instead of listening to grassroots Hoosiers.

“Today’s latest fundraiser is one more reminder that if you’re a Hoosier interested in sharing your vision for Indiana with Rep. Braun, you better come to him with a check,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “If supposed outsider Rep. Braun was actually interested in putting Hoosiers first, he’d spend a little time more time actually trying to meet them and listen to their concerns. Instead, he’s hypocritically helping himself and hobnobbing with donors to stuff his campaign coffers.”


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