Rep. Braun remains rare GOP leader to not call for AG’s resignation as he remains silent following Hill’s Monday remarks


While other party leaders have called for Hill’s resignation, Rep. Braun stood with Hill weeks ago at “family values” rally

INDIANAPOLIS – Rep. Braun remains one of the few leaders of his party not to call for Attorney General Curtis Hill to step down in the wake of groping allegations from multiple women, continuing his silence in the wake of Hill’s latest remarks Monday morning.

One week after the Indy Star’s report detailing allegations that Hill groped a State Representative and three other women at a party in March, leaders from both parties have called for Hill to spare Hoosiers further shame and resign. Yet not only is Rep. Braun one of the last leaders of his party who has refused to call on Hill to resign – he’s barely said anything at all, failing to even mention Hill’s name to the press since the story broke.

Were Rep. Braun to call on Hill to resign, it would be a stark reversal from his stance just a few weeks ago, when he was publicly praising Hill. At a rally last month to support “family values” intended to keep discriminatory anti-marriage equality language in the GOP platform, Rep. Braun stood in solidarity with Hill, even calling him “good folks” on stage.

Rep. Braun and Attorney General Hill together at the “family values” rally in June

“It’s been a week since Attorney General Hill’s disturbing behavior was first reported, but while his fellow party leaders are calling on Hill to resign, Rep. Braun can’t be bothered to address the topic. If Governor Holcomb and other Indiana GOP leaders can call on Hill to step down, why can’t the top of the Republican ticket this November?” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “It’s increasingly clear that Rep. Braun is more concerned with the ‘values’ he and Hill showed they share at their rally last month than the Hoosier values and basic morality that Indiana voters hold dear.”


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