Rep. Braun’s latest D.C. fundraiser proves he’s more comfortable raising money in the swamp than he is talking to Hoosiers


INDIANAPOLIS – Following yesterday’s latest fundraiser, Rep. Braun has now held more D.C. finance events as the GOP nominee than public events in Indiana, a concerning reversal from his promises throughout the primary that his campaign would remain accountable to Hoosiers.

Since becoming the GOP nominee in May, seven invitations for Rep. Braun’s finance events in D.C. have been reported; it’s likely that more have been held but are not publicly known. In that same time span, he’s only held six public campaign events across the entire state.

That ratio would not seem to be what Rep. Braun had in mind last year after giving up his seat at the Statehouse and claiming he wanted to spend all his time campaigning for Senate. He also spent much of the primary arguing that self-funding would give him more time to focus on holding public campaign events and help him remain accountable to Hoosiers instead of having to worry about Washington donors.

Nearly as notable as the quantity of events in Rep. Braun’s D.C. fundraising spree is how much he has tried to hide them from Hoosiers. Rep. Braun’s rhetoric hasn’t changed, and Hoosiers have had to rely on leaked invitations for details about the extent of Rep. Braun’s fundraisers. With the information that they do have, however, it’s still increasingly clear to Hoosiers that Rep. Braun has spent more time since the primary listening to the GOP’s Washington donor class at fundraising events than he has to Hoosiers at public events here at home.

“Hoosiers have been forced to draw their own conclusions from the seven invitations for Rep. Braun’s Washington fundraisers in the past month, and it seems clear to them he’s more comfortable in the swamp than he is in Indiana,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “Every day he spends in Washington instead of among the Hoosiers whose votes he needs to earn is a reminder that his priorities align with deep-pocketed GOP donors, not working Hoosier families.”


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