Rep. Braun’s laughable three-stop “tour” a confirmation of his lazy campaign


INDIANAPOLIS – Rep. Braun announced a tour “across the state” this week that only consists of three public events over three days, continuing his lackadaisical campaign schedule that demonstrates how unconcerned he is about meeting with the majority of Hoosier voters.

Rep. Braun’s “tour” this week looks less like an actual statewide tour and more like what would be a light week of campaigning for a normal Senate candidate. In his press release published in Importantville today, the Braun campaign said Rep. Braun would travel “across the state,” but only announced three public events he’ll be attending over the course of three days. His first stop in Brownsburg today, meanwhile, can’t have introduced him to a lot of undecided voters, as it took place at Fleece Performance, a Meyer Distributing supplier.

Holding three public events hardly counts as a tour, and no Hoosier would consider stops in Brownsburg, Fort Wayne and Terre Haute “across the state” as his campaign claims. The continuing slow pace of Rep. Braun’s campaign style is striking considering he claimed he was quitting the Statehouse early last year to spend all his time campaigning for the Senate.

In contrast, Joe Donnelly has been noted for his tireless efforts on behalf of Hoosiers in the Senate and his nonstop campaign schedule when he’s back in Indiana. While Rep. Braun holds a three-day, three-stop tour, Joe spent his August recess on a seven-day, forty-stop RV tour across Indiana. Joe made four stops on Labor Day alone yesterday to meet with voters and celebrate working Hoosiers.

“Rep. Braun’s laughable idea of a statewide tour just shows you how little he cares about spending time with Hoosiers,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “As the campaign enters the final stretch, it’s clear he has no interest in giving any more effort to make himself available to the people he hopes to represent. If this is how little Rep. Braun’s willing to do to earn Hoosiers’ trust now, how hard would he work for Hoosiers if actually elected?”


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