Rep. Braun’s offensive comments about Dr. Ford’s allegation of sexual assault proof he’s out of step with Hoosier women


Rep. Braun repeatedly tried discrediting Dr. Ford’s allegation of sexual assault by Judge Kavanaugh, saying her decision to come forward was “orchestrated” and insignificant

INDIANAPOLIS – Rep. Braun has repeatedly tried to undermine the credibility of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations against Judge Kavanaugh, going as far as to dismiss her claims as “orchestrated by Chuck Schumer,” and claiming her story was a political prop instead of one woman’s story as a sexual assault survivor.

In the past few weeks, Rep. Braun has dismissed out of hand the allegations of sexual assault by Christine Blasey Ford and the other women who have come forward. Rep. Braun has claimed that her accusation against Judge Kavanaugh is being “orchestrated” by Democrats against Kavanaugh — something he insists without evidence he also saw during his Statehouse tenure. Rep. Braun’s immediate refusal to believe Dr. Ford or consider her serious allegation isn’t just insulting to Dr. Ford, but to all Hoosier sexual assault survivors afraid to speak up for fear they will be verbally attacked by people like him.

Rep. Braun’s out-of-touch and offensive comments:

  • Following allegations of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh, Braun said “the process looks orchestrated from the get-go,” adding that “Kavanaugh is such a great candidate” and “we need to get through this process and move to having a vote on it.” [WTTV, 9/23/18] (VIDEO)
  • Braun argued that Christine Blasey Ford’s accusation of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh “Looks like an orchestration of Chuck Schumer.” [WIBC, 9/20/18] (AUDIO)
  • In an appearance on the Hugh Hewitt Show, Braun said that that “for the short time I was in the state legislature, a lot of this stuff gets orchestrated and especially at the federal level, to where you’re getting your instruction from someone else.” He added that her accusation “pales in significance” to Kavanaugh’s record. [Hugh Hewitt Show via Mike Braun for Indiana, 9/24/18] (AUDIO)
  • Rep. Braun insisted in his statement today that the allegations against Kavanaugh were an “embarrassment” that was “designed to smear”Judge Kavanaugh. [Braun For Indiana, 9/29/18]


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