Rep. Braun’s reliance on Chinese manufacturing supports more than 10,000 factory jobs outside the U.S.


Despite claim that “every job [he] creates is an American job” Rep. Braun has sustained thousands of Chinese  jobs as result of Promaxx’s reliance on Chinese labor

INDIANAPOLIS – At least 10,088 foreign workers are employed at the overseas factories where many of Rep. Braun’s own auto parts are made, new research shows. It’s the clearest sense of the number of foreign jobs his company sustains despite his campaign’s false repeated claim that “every job Mike Braun creates is an American job.”

Rep. Braun has repeatedly said that his company never created a single job outside of the U.S. He continued to use the line after the Associated Press’ report earlier this month that his company manufactures and sells auto parts made in China, and his campaign even told The Hill that “every job Mike Braun creates is an American job.” That statement, like the one about his business being “made in America,” is false, as his company relies heavily on Chinese labor to make Promaxx products, resulting in thousands of Chinese jobs created as a result.

Replicating the process used by the AP to track shipments from overseas to Rep. Braun’s company, the Indiana Democratic Party was able to identify the foreign factories from where Rep. Braun sources his parts. The party then used any available public records to identify the number of workers employed at those factories and establish the first rough estimate of the number of foreign jobs sustained fully or in part by his company.

According to the party’s examination of the products sold by Promaxx Automotive and its foreign manufacturers, it appears that Rep. Braun directly supports at least 10,088 foreign factory jobs, the vast majority of which are in China. The real number, however, is likely to be far higher. 12 of the factories only listed staff ranges, in which case the party used the smallest number in the range. Additionally, 16 Promaxx suppliers did not have their staff size listed online.

While these factories may produce parts for other companies besides Rep. Braun’s, it’s undeniable that his decision to have Promaxx parts manufactured at these factories has forced them to increase their production beyond the quantity of parts they’d make without his business. That increased production has necessarily led either to the hiring of more workers, or the retention of workers that would not need to be employed if Rep. Braun’s parts were made elsewhere.

It’s impossible to reconcile these foreign jobs with the Braun campaign’s claim that every job Rep. Braun’s company has created was in America. While Rep. Braun was focusing on building his business with Chinese labor, auto parts manufacturers in Indiana – including some who made the same types of parts that Promaxx has made in China and other countries – were closing down their plants and shipping Hoosier jobs to foreign countries.

“Rep. Braun has claimed over and over again that his company is entirely ‘made in America,’ yet it appears he’s helped create jobs for over 10,000 foreign workers. All the while, Indiana manufacturers have shut down their factories and laid off workers because companies like Rep. Braun’s would rather help sustain jobs in China than here in Indiana,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “Now that Hoosiers know the truth about the more than 10,000 jobs Rep. Braun’s company has sustained while relying on Chinese labor, they won’t be fooled when he lies again about only creating jobs in America.”

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