Rep. Braun’s vote against “clawback” amendment a reminder he sides with outsourcers over Hoosier workers


INDIANAPOLIS – Rep. Braun stood against Hoosier workers and with outsourcing companies in the wake of Carrier’s 2016 outsourcing announcement to oppose the popular “clawback” amendment that would have discouraged companies from following in Carrier’s outsourcing footsteps.

Shortly after Carrier announced that it planned to ship 1,400 Hoosier jobs to Mexico in February 2016, Rep. Braun broke with the majority of the statehouse and even many in his own party to oppose an overwhelmingly popular provision that would have penalized Carrier for receiving state incentives and then shipped jobs to foreign countries.

Under the provision, Indiana would have been able to “claw back” any tax breaks or subsidies that had been given to Carrier and other companies who then turn around and shift Hoosier jobs to foreign countries. Before the initial 2016 announcement, Carrier had received more than $520,000 from the statein property tax incentives. The amendment passed the Republican-controlled House by a vote of 60-34.

Carrier’s announcement of its plans to lay off thousands of Hoosier workers and close two Indiana plants was met with intense criticism nationwide. The “clawback” amendment that Rep. Braun broke from his party to oppose was seen as an easy step to discourage companies from following in Carrier’s footsteps and outsourcing Hoosier jobs.

This release is part of Trade Madness, a three-week long series in which the IDP is highlighting Congressmen Messer’s and Rokita’s and Rep. Braun’s mad record of supporting disastrous trade deals and policies that make it easier to ship Hoosier jobs overseas.


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