Republicans Criticize INGOP’s New Maps as INDems Conclude Road Trip Slamming INGOP for Manipulating Redistricting Process


NPR: Dems Slam IN Redistrict Maps

ICYMI: Floyd County Republicans, Democrats call for changes in state redistricting plan

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, concluded its road trip across the state which criticized the Indiana Republican Party for manipulating the redistricting process and continuing a broken system that harms the future of Indiana. Despite promises to hold a “fair” and “transparent” redistricting effort, Republicans held a hollow public relations tour, hired a Washington, D.C. GOP operative to assist with the maps, and admitted their business would be conducted “behind closed doors” — all in an effort to keep Indiana’s legislative maps 95-percent more biased toward one party than the rest of the country. 

Further, Indiana Republicans joined Democrats in their disapproval of the INGOP’s manipulated maps. Floyd County Republican Party Chairman Jeff Firkins claimed the state GOP didn’t provide counties any local information on the redistricting process and State Representative Jerry Torr bragged about how the state Republicans once supported a nonpartisan redistricting commission numerous times before this manipulated process. Overall, Indiana Republicans continue to prove their partisanship has become too extreme for Hoosier democracy and it’s harming Indiana’s future in the process. 

Democrats worked overtime and hit the road to explain the impact last decade’s gerrymandered districts have had on Indiana. This includes Indiana Republicans creating a “work more for less” economy, consistently underfunding the state’s public schools, and holding unnecessary culture wars that only divide Hoosier families and communities across the state. The INGOP’s proposed maps will likely continue the extreme partisanship that’s held Indiana back from a brighter future. 

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“They don’t agree on much, but Floyd County’s Republican and Democratic parties both took stances Wednesday against the GOP-led state redistricting plan.”

“On the local level we weren’t given a whole lot of information” 

“Several Floyd County Republicans signed the letter Wednesday asking state legislators to reconsider, and [Jeff] Firkins said they hope more will join the effort by accessing the petition on the party’s website and social media pages.

“That on its face is enough to give us pause and give us concern as to why they should be rethought.”


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