Roads and Bridges: Why Indiana Needs the American Jobs Plan


The American Jobs Plan: The Need for Action in Indiana 

ICYMI: President Biden’s American Rescue Plan to help with Indiana’s infrastructure projects

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today called on the Indiana Republican Party to join Hoosier Democrats in support of President Joe Biden’s upcoming American Jobs Plan (AJP) because of the new opportunity it would bring to rebuild Indiana’s crumbling roads and bridges. The Jobs Plan would be a once-in-a-century chance to improve the future of the state, and it would follow a popular American Rescue Plan that is already being used by the Indiana Republican Party to expand broadband access and add new construction projects across Indiana (despite their opposition to ARP and unwillingness to talk about the law in a public setting). 

Recent polling, including data from a Yahoo News/YouGov poll, found a large majority of Americans want many elements of the AJP — including construction projects to rebuild Indiana’s roads and bridges. If passed, the Jobs Plan would repair over 1,100 state bridges deemed in poor condition and repair more than 5,400 miles of highway. These projects are supported by a majority of voters – including Republicans – and they are common sense, which is why it must get done.

Indiana Democrats believe now is the time for the Indiana Republican Party to join Democrats in creating jobs for workers, revitalizing the state’s infrastructure system, and setting the United States up to outcompete China in the future. However, the Indiana Republican Party must put aside their extreme partisanship in order to help the American Jobs Plan come to fruition for Indiana. This means Indiana Republicans must stop invoking their extreme politics at the Statehouse and should stop opposing measures like the American Rescue Plan in Congress. Opposing the AJP would mean Indiana Republicans aren’t serious because they’ll just put their partisanship ahead of getting things done for workers, unions, families, and the economic future of Indiana. 

This crossroads moment for the state is why the Indiana Democratic Party supports the American Jobs Plan. Democrats are ready to get to work and responsibly get things done for all Hoosiers — regardless of politics.  

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