Round Up: Controversial INGOP Legislation Becoming Law July 1


In contrast, Democratic legislators passed bills to send more students to higher education, grow reproductive health access, and more. See the full list in our release from May 1.

INDIANAPOLIS — Of the 1,154 bills filed in the 2023 Indiana General Assembly, lawmakers approved 252 of those. In several bills, Republicans continued their tirade against equality and equity with legislation that attacked Indiana residents’ freedom and economic security. See below for this session’s round up. 

  • Senate Bill 480 | Authored by: Sen. Tyler Johnson, Sen. Ed Charbonneau, Sen. Gary Byrne
    • Prohibits a physician or other practitioner from providing a minor with resources to transition genders. The vast majority of the bill is on hold by a federal court.
  • House Bill 1001 | Authored by: Rep. Jeffrey Thompson.
    • Outlines the state of Indiana’s budget for the next two years, including lack of investment in working people and expansion of private school vouchers for wealthy families.
  • House Bill 1334 | Authored by: Rep. Timothy Wesco
    • Voters who request mail-in ballots online would have to provide certain identification numbers. The bill also bans elections officials from sending unsolicited mail-in ballot applications to voters. 
  • House Bill 1608 | Authored by: Michelle Davis
    • Instruction to a student in prekindergarten through grade three regarding human sexuality is prohibited. Requires a school to notify in writing at least one parent of a student who is a minor, of a request made by the student to change the student’s name or pronouns.
  • House Bill 1008 | Authored by: Rep. Ethan Manning
    • The anti-ESG bill seeks to prohibit state pension funds from investing in companies that prioritize environmental, social, and governance factors. Outside estimates have said this could cost the state pension fund billions.
  • Senate Bill 486 | Authored by: Sen. Linda Rogers, Sen. Jeff Raatz, Sen. Stacey Donato
    • Teachers no longer have to be trained to recognize the signs/symptoms of seizures, awareness regarding criminal and gang organizations, and information concerning homeless students. This also removes the requirement that labor representatives speak to teachers about classroom conditions.

Statement from Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Mike Schmuhl regarding harmful INGOP legislation: 

“While we are incredibly proud of what Democrats have been able to accomplish this past session, Hoosiers should be frustrated with the constant stream of controversial policies passed by the Republican supermajority. Most Hoosiers want a fairer and more balanced Indiana that works for everyone — not the powerful few. Hoosier Democrats will never stop standing up for all Hoosiers,” Schmuhl said.

“Hoosier Democrats will keep fighting for common sense principles that move our state in a positive direction, like local education funding, protecting the right to choose, promoting liberty for women and LBGT Hoosiers, and increasing healthcare access for all — including our state’s most vulnerable citizens.”

Click here for a list of the 20 bills that Indiana Democrats passed this session that expanded access to higher education, long term contraception, protected children and more.


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