ROUND UP: Indiana Democratic Party Condemns Indiana Republicans for Not Standing Up to Donald Trump’s Attacks on a Hoosier


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INDIANAPOLIS – From South Bend to Indianapolis, Democrats came together yesterday to condemn the Indiana Republican Party and its elected officials for not standing up to Donald Trump’s attacks against U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel – a Hoosier.

This was the opportunity for Hoosier Republicans to join the Indiana Democratic Party and denounce Donald Trump and his campaign for President. But outside of a few, most remained silent – including Governor Mike Pence, Todd Young, and Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth.

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New York Times: “In Indiana, state Democratic Party officials held a news conference on Monday to assail Mr. Trump’s remarks about Judge Curiel, who was born in the state and graduated from Indiana University’s law school. But the party’s chairman, John Zody, spent even more time criticizing Gov. Mike Pence, a Republican seeking re-election this year, and Republican House and Senate candidates in Indiana for being “completely silent on the fact that Donald Trump is questioning the integrity of a Hoosier.” Only a few Republican officials in the state have criticized Mr. Trump’s comments as inappropriate.”

IndyStar: “In judge’s home state, GOP mostly silent on Trump’s attacks”

“Other leading Indiana Republicans, including Pence and Young, have stayed silent. Young’s campaign could not immediately be reached for comment. Pence’s campaign referred reporters to the Indiana Republican Party.”

NWI Times: “Democrats urge all Hoosiers to condemn Trump attacks on E.C. judge”

Los Angeles Times: “Indiana Democrats: Trump ‘crossed the line’ with comments against Trump University case judge”

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: “Democrats: GOP silence ‘deafening’”

Associated Press: “Dems blast state GOP over Trump jabs at Indiana-born judge”

Fox 59/CBS 4: “Democrats defend Hoosier judge after Trump’s remarks about Mexican heritage, call for Republicans to follow suit”

Statehouse File: “Indiana Democrats urge the GOP to condemn Trump’s reaction to Hoosier judge”

WISH-TV: “Indiana Dems blast state GOP over Trump jabs at judge”

Evansville Courier & Press: “Indiana Democrats call to GOP to denounce Trump after judge comments”

South Bend Tribune: “Separately, U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly, D-Ind., also condemned Trump’s remarks, calling them “shameful, ignorant” and indicative of a “total disregard for our judicial system.”

“[Lynn] Coleman, a South Bend resident and former city police officer, welcomed Walorski’s remarks but still questioned her stance overall. Where is she going to be at in the future? Is she still supporting the kind of rhetoric Donald Trump is talking about? Or is she going to separate from him and make sure that she stands for the people?”

WRTV: “Dems: GOP silence on Trump attacks against Hoosier-born judge ‘deafening’”

Goshen News: “During his comments, [Lynn] Coleman also called on his opponent, incumbent Jackie Walorski, a Republican, to condemn Trump’s behavior, adding that he partly ‘wondered if she was really sincere or if she was feeling the pressure of the other political folk across the country who made the comment.’”

Terra: “The chairman of the state Democratic Party, John Zody said that all state politicians, regardless of their political persuasion, should condemn the words of Republican presidential candidate and defend Curiel, born in that state of Mexican parents.”

Morning Consult: “In the Hoosier State, where Curiel was born to Mexican immigrants and where Trump secured his status as presumptive nominee, John Zody, chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party, said refuting Trump ‘is about doing the right thing.’”

Washington Times: “In Judge Curiel’s home state, Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody called Mr. Trump’s statement “divisive and toxic” and challenged Republicans to defend the judge.”

Politico: “Elsewhere, Democrats in Indiana also jumped to the defense of Curiel, who was born in the state. At a press conference Monday, Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody urged his state’s Republicans to condemn Trump’s remarks against a native son of Indiana.”


Coverage also seen at: WBND (South Bend), WSBT (South Bend)


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