Schmuhl: Democrats Will Push Kitchen-Table Record and Plan for State’s Future, Indiana GOP – Just Partisanship


INDems’ 2022 Plan: Creating jobs, supporting labor, investing in education, infrastructure, childcare, and broadband

The Indiana GOP’s 2022 Message: Standing “Hand-in-hand” with the Republican National Committee in Washington

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today issued the following statement from Chairman Mike Schmuhl in response to the primary elections held on May 3, 2022: 

“Indiana’s top businesses have acknowledged that the state is no longer ‘A State that Works’ but a state experiencing a race to the bottom. Our state has an F-rated workforce, an F-rated quality of life, a D+ rated education system, and is the most polluted state in the nation. Those are the facts. Democrats are telling it straight because state Republicans have spent the last two decades with absolutely no plan for Indiana’s future – just national partisanship. 

Thanks to the American Rescue Plan and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Hoosiers are getting a taste of a brighter future made possible by Indiana Democrats. Good-paying jobs and regional economic investments are returning to every corner of the state. A renewed commitment to organized labor and Indiana’s traditional industries – like steel – are priorities. Adequate funding has returned to our public school system, and educators finally received a pay raise. Indiana’s childcare crisis is finally being addressed. Broadband access is expanding across the state, our roads and bridges are seeing much-needed repairs, and the state’s water systems are getting a necessary overhaul to improve overall public health.

Democrats have delivered where it seems the only thing Indiana Republicans care about is following a gameplan set by those in Washington. GOP Chairman Kyle Hupfer himself admitted the Indiana GOP works ‘hand in hand’ with the Republican National Committee – and recent legislation that bullies children, disrespects state law enforcement, and puts politics in our classrooms proves it. Indiana Republicans do not have a plan for Hoosiers, and the primary elections showed how the other side has sadly lost its way into extremism.

The choice for the upcoming state and federal elections couldn’t be more stark, and Indiana Democrats are determined to elect a new generation of leaders who will help correct this path charted by a Republican Party and an era of government where power and control has come before serving Hoosier workers and families.” 


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