Senate Bill 1: “Sequel to Religious Freedom Restoration Act”


IndyStar: “Indiana Republicans face an impossible task between now and Aug. 14…If they pass legislation viewed as cruel, they could create a sequel to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.”

Indiana Capital Chronicle: GOP poll shows little Hoosier support for total ban

Reminder: RFRA created an economic panic, targeted LGBTQ Hoosiers, and made Indiana a national embarrassment

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today criticized State Senator Sue Glick and the Indiana Republican Party for championing a bill that is likely to cause a “Sequel to Religious Freedom Restoration Act” (RFRA). Much like its predecessor – which caused a $250 million economic panic and made Indiana a national embarrassment – Senate Bill 1 is already unpopular with voters, would endanger people’s lives, and would tarnish the state’s “Hoosier Hospitality” reputation. 

The Indiana GOP is once again pursuing an agenda that’s too extreme for Hoosier families, and too extreme for Indiana’s future. 

In case you missed it, the Indiana GOP announced Senate Bill 1 last week, which would effectively implement a total abortion ban in all 92 counties. SB1 would force mothers, women and children to give birth – which would no doubt endanger lives across the state. Should the Indiana GOP get their way, it would be the second time this calendar year where state Republicans ignored the will of voters (and their own polling) in favor of a national, extremist agenda. See: permitless carry

Here’s a look at some of the toll the Indiana GOP’s RFRA had on the state of Indiana: 

Center for American Progress: “With the passage of Indiana’s recent license-to-discriminate bill, the state risks losing more than $250 million and counting in economic activity.” 

IndyStar: “Some Democrats warn that the abortion bill could be the next Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the 2015 measure signed by then-Gov. Mike Pence that drew national backlash over fears that it could lead to discrimination. The fallout cost Indianapolis alone up to 12 conventions and as much as $60 million in economic impact. Angie’s List announced it was canceling a $40 million headquarters expansion due to RFRA.” 

WTHR: David Letterman skewers Mike Pence on Late Show

IndyStar: “On “Saturday Night Live,” Weekend Update anchor Colin Jost started the popular segment with the news of Pence signing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

“The governor of Indiana has signed a new law allowing businesses to turn away gay and lesbian customers, saying it’s part of their religious freedom,” Jost said. “You’ll be able to tell which stores are supporting the new law because they’ll have these helpful little signs.”

The graphic behind Jost then switched to a storefront covered with a black and yellow banner that read “GOING OUT OF BUSINESS!”


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