Shifty Shreve: I Won’t Work to Overturn Abortion Ban as Mayor


INDIANAPOLIS — Today, the Indiana Democratic Party responded to comments by Indianapolis Republican mayoral nominee Jefferson Shreve announcing that, if elected, he would not work to overturn the state legislature’s ban on abortion.

Jefferson should be acutely aware of the impact that leaders in numerous fields have warned that the ban will have on Central Indiana’s economy and workforce development.

Notably, companies such as Eli Lilly have already reported employees and projects leaving Indianapolis due to the ban.

“Jefferson wants to be the mayor of the largest, most diverse city in Indiana, but this morning he took a stance on the abortion ban that threatens the economic future of Indianapolis,” said Indiana Democratic Party Chair Mike Schmuhl.

“By refusing to stand up for the people of Indianapolis on this issue, Jefferson has once again shown his true colors as a conservative Republican who has long supported dangerous policies coming from the Statehouse supermajority. If Jefferson is elected, one million residents will lose an advocate for equity in healthcare. When Jefferson ran for State Senate in 2016, he said he was committed to “protecting the unborn” and being a pro-life leader. The contrast on this issue could not be clearer; Mayor Joe understands the harm this ban will have on the women of Indianapolis, and will fight to overturn it.”

Mayor Joe has long been an advocate for equity and access in healthcare. He recently penned an Indianapolis Star op-ed in which he took a strong stance against the statewide abortion ban and pledged to use the bully pulpit to push for changes in state law.


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