Shifty Shreve Plays Fast and Loose With Voters


INDIANAPOLIS — After weeks of waiting to address public safety issues, Republican Jefferson Shreve’s campaign held a public safety conference today that aimed to pull the wool over voters’ eyes.

NRA member Shreve wants Indianapolis to believe that he can take on gun crime, and address public safety, but his record says the complete opposite.

Throughout his career, Shreve has proven to be the NRA’s straight-A student, earning their highest marks as a candidate for State Senate in 2016, and voting with every Republican against 2015 Proposal 228, a common sense ordinance to require the reporting of stolen firearms to law enforcement while on the council. Today’s announcement can’t hide those facts from the voters.

Mayor Joe has hired 700 new police officers to the beat since becoming mayor in 2016, more than double the amount Shreve aims to add. 

Shreve is also copying Mayor Joe’s proposal to ask the legislature to repeal permitless carry, raise the age to buy a firearm, and ban assault weapons in Marion County.

It’s well past time for Shreve to release his NRA questionnaire that earned him an ‘AQ’ grade during his 2016 State Senate campaign. 

Voters deserve to know how Shreve answered on state preemption laws, which the NRA asks about on its surveys, and why the NRA was willing to give him their highest accolade. His remarks today can’t hide the facts.


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