SHOT/CHASER: Eric Holcomb on Running for Statewide Office


INDIANAPOLIS – Once again, Eric Holcomb is misleading voters and trying to rewrite history, this time about his own past as a three time candidate for statewide office. In a television interview airing this past Sunday, Holcomb claimed he had “not run for statewide office before in [his] life”.

In case Eric Holcomb and his campaign forgets, here’s a quick refresher on the failed, first U.S. Senate campaign he ran before being saved by Mike Pence in February and running for lieutenant governor.

SHOT: “Having not run for statewide office before in my life…” [INFocus, 9.18.16]

CHASER: “Why I’m running for U.S. Senate” – Op-ed by Eric Holcomb [NWI Times, 7.8.15]


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