Sorry Jennifer-Ruth Green, Eric Holcomb Can’t Stop Praising Frank Mrvan and The American Rescue Plan


Governor Eric Holcomb: “Boy, the Region is moving in the right direction.”

Frank Mrvan delivered jobs, economic development, broadband, school funding, a teacher pay raise, and construction projects for road, bridge, and water pipe repairs across NW Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today thanked Governor Eric Holcomb for his consistent praise of the brighter future U.S. Congressman Frank Mrvan and the American Rescue Plan created for Northwest Indiana. Yesterday, the Governor described the Region as “moving in the right direction” and is “poised to boost commerce, attract new residents and improve quality of life”. This is largely due to the American Rescue Plan and The Jobs Act, which is delivering jobs for workers and a better tomorrow for families in Indiana’s First Congressional District. 

Indiana Democrats would like to thank Eric Holcomb for his support of Frank Mrvan’s work in Congress. Much to Jennifer-Ruth Green’s dismay, Mrvan’s focus on the kitchen-table issues will be why he’s reelected in November. 

This is not the first time Eric Holcomb has touted President Joe Biden and Frank Mrvan’s economic agenda. In fact, the Governor has praised the Rescue Plan’s $250 million investments in broadband expansion projects, $500 million of funding for the state’s READI program, and praised the infrastructure law that not one Indiana Republican in Congress supported. 

Friendly reminder: Politicians like Jennifer-Ruth Green oppose Northwest Indiana’s bright economic future. In fact, the Indiana GOP’s own Chairman Kyle Hupfer called projects like broadband and the state’s READI program  “socialism” – claiming it was a “great campaign to run on”. Democrats will highlight Green’s partisan opposition to this brighter tomorrow across NW Indiana throughout the 2022 election year. 

NWI Times: Governor: ‘The Region is moving in the right direction’ 

Northwest Indiana is on the right track.

Notwithstanding labor shortages, rising prices and everything else currently complicating the lives of Region residents and entrepreneurs, Gov. Eric Holcomb said Monday the northwest corner of Indiana is doing more to take advantage of its built-in resources than just about anywhere else in the state, while simultaneously positioning itself for unprecedented growth opportunities.

“Boy, the Region is moving in the right direction,” Holcomb said. “This is a target-rich environment for global transformations that are occurring.” […]

At the same time, Holcomb said the Region’s plans to match its $50 million federally funded, state-awarded READI grant with more than $700 million in local investment in people and places, ranging from new job training opportunities to new bike trails, show the commitment of leaders to keep the Region not just viable but growing.


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