State Rep. Michelle Davis Admits Trans Athletes Do Not Have Advantage in Sports During Hearing For Her Own Bill, House Bill 1041


INGOP partners with national hate group in support of House Bill 1041 and effort to target innocent minors who just want to play sports they love 

ICYMI: Only 29-percent of Republican voters support measures like House Bill 1041

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today criticized State Representative Michelle Davis and the Indiana Republican Party for acknowledging the sham behind her own legislation, House Bill 1041. During a committee hearing yesterday, Representative Davis admitted there were no current state cases where transgender athletes had an unfair competitive advantage to their cisgender peers. Indiana Republicans also allowed an Idaho elected official and a medical professional in USA Powerlifting to testify – in which both invalidated the culture war during testimonies. 

But in the most telling moment, the Indiana GOP allowed a national hate group – Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) – to publicly announce its support of HB 1041. The ADF has a long, documented history of creating national campaigns against LGBTQ Americans – including the effort to target innocent minors wishing to play the sports they enjoy. The Indiana GOP’s endorsement of this hate group once again cements the 2022 legislative session as one solely about divisive culture wars, not creating a better future for Hoosier families. 

“A large majority of the public – including Republicans – is opposed to measures like House Bill 1041, and State Representative Michelle Davis even admitted today this legislation is a solution in search of a problem. There is absolutely no reason adults in state government should bully innocent children out of playing the sports they love with their friends, but unfortunately, this is exactly what the Indiana GOP’s culture wars would do,” said Drew Anderson, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “Elected Republicans know better, but they care more about a potential primary fight than protecting and creating a better future for our children – especially our most vulnerable. Shame on them.” 

Here’s a look at how the Indiana GOP and supporters of House Bill 1041 debunked their own claims during yesterday’s hearing on the bill: 

State Representative Michelle Davis Admits Her Own Bill is Unnecessary

“As the bill’s author, State Rep. Michelle Davis (R-Whiteland), asked her colleagues to support the bill, State Rep. Ed DeLaney (D-Indianapolis) questioned why the bill is necessary. ‘Do we have a large number of biological males playing on female teams in this state?’ DeLaney asked.

‘We don’t as of yet, but wouldn’t it be a tragedy if your granddaughter didn’t get to play?’ Davis responded.” – Fox59 

“During the committee hearing, Rep. Davis conceded to her colleague, Rep. Ed DeLaney, that she could not name any instances here in Indiana where a transgender girl had kept a cisgender girl from participating or winning in a particular sport.” – WRTV 

National Hate Group Testifies in Support of House Bill 1041

“Matt Sharp, senior counsel at the Alliance Defending Freedom, supports the bill but opposed the removal of college sports. Virtually all the examples given Monday were in college sports.” […]

“The Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled the Alliance Defending Freedom as an anti-LGBTQ hate group.” – Fort Wayne Journal Gazette 

Medical Professional with USA Powerlifting, Idaho State Lawmaker Testimonies Invalidate Support for HB 1041

SHOT: “Rep. Barbara Ehardt, a Republican state lawmaker in Idaho, is testifying now. She introduced this legislation in her state, the first in the nation to pass a transgender sports ban.” – IndyStar

CHASER: “Just a note – there was a lawsuit against the Idaho ban. it has never gone into effect.” – Fort Wayne Journal Gazette 

SHOT: “Medical Director for USA Powerlifting – Kristopher Hunt – has a power point presentation, saying male persons have a 64% advantage in weight class over a female person.” – Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

CHASER: “And as he said, powerlifting is not a high school sport in Indiana.” – WRTV 


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