Statehouse GOP: Study raising Holcomb’s pay, not Hoosier families’


Holcomb already earns nearly three times more than the average Hoosier

INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody issued the following statement after Statehouse Republicans rejected measure to study increasing Hoosiers’ incomes.

“Hoosiers have some of the lowest per capita incomes in the country. Residents of Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin all had higher average incomes in 2016. Hoosiers earn just 88 cents for every dollar the average American makes. It’s unacceptable and it’s a stinging failure of leadership over the last dozen years. And yet, Statehouse Republicans’ stunning negligence on this issue continues to mystify. Today, Republicans advanced a measure to study raising Governor Eric Holcomb’s pay while rejecting measures to study raising Hoosier families’ incomes. It’s a bad look for the Governor, considering he already earns nearly 300 percent of what the average Hoosier makes.  Part of governing is admitting weaknesses and working to right them. Statehouse Republicans actively ignore the reality of Indiana’s embarrassingly low per capita incomes without a real strategy to raise them. Today is just another awkward chapter in Republicans’ decade-long denial of this critical issue.”


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