Statement by Chairman Zody after the House Republicans’ vote, once again, for the McConnell tax bill


INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody issued the following statement after House Republicans voted for a third time to pass the McConnell tax bill, this time to fix basic budgetary issues accidentally included in the bill:

“We already knew that Indiana’s Republicans in Congress were cruel after watching them vote for the McConnell tax bill that raises taxes on millions of middle class Americans to create new tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans and corporations who ship jobs to other countries. Within a decade, this proposal will raise taxes on a majority of Americans and direct 83% of the remaining benefits to the top one percent.

“We also already knew Indiana’s Washington Republicans were two-faced after listening to them ramble on about fiscal responsibility before voting for the McConnell tax bill that adds as much as $2.2 trillion to the debt without complaint.

“Now watching them triple down on their cruelty and hypocrisy with another vote so they can fix sloppy mistakes stemming from their rushed, closed, strictly partisan process, we can add a third thing we know about Indiana’s GOP representatives: they’re cruel, two-faced, and ignorant.

“No one who represents Hoosiers in any capacity should have a single one of these traits. The belief of Republicans like Congressmen Messer and Rokita that they can act in this manner and then ask for even more responsibility from voters is laughable.”


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