Statement by Chairman Zody on Congressman Rokita’s vote to shut down the government


INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody issued the following statement in response to Congressman Rokita’s vote this morning to shut down the government:

“Congressman Rokita broke with Hoosiers, the President, and the will of the American people today when he voted in favor of a government shutdown. His decision is nothing more than a tantrum against a bill with bipartisan support that fully funds our troops, increases funding by $6 billion to help states like Indiana fight the scourge of opioid abuse, keeps the government open, raises the debt ceiling, and provides stability for our economy.

“Congressman Rokita may go on to claim, as he has in the past, that this is a vote against spending – yet that excuse rings hollow just months after voting for the McConnell tax plan that may add as much as $2.2 trillion to the national debt over the next ten years. All he’s truly done is prove he’d rather withhold funding for our military than do the job Hoosier taxpayers sent him to Washington to do.”


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