Statement by Chairman Zody on President Trump’s visit to Indiana


INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody issued the following statement today before President Trump’s speech on taxes in Indianapolis:

“President Trump is returning to the Hoosier State to tout Indiana’s tax cut-fueled growth, but any accomplishments he’ll mention will surely be news to working families. While some corporations and banks reaped hundreds of millions of dollars worth of benefits, the average income of a family in Indiana is still stuck in the bottom third of states. Meanwhile, the “historic” tax relief that Vice President Pence promised Hoosiers only added up to a paltry $50 per household last year—barely enough for one tank of gas. If President Trump is serious about crafting a deal that helps the working-class men and women who voted for him, he’d be better off using Pence’s tax rules as a lesson in what not to do.

“It would be easier to believe that this tax proposal would bring relief to Hoosiers if, after nine months of promises, Republicans had a fully fleshed-out plan that Americans could see—but once again, Vice President Pence, President Trump and their allies in Washington have put more importance on scoring political points than actually achieving results. They’re more concerned with partisan grandstanding than the hard work of compromise and legislating. That’s why, despite control of both the White House and both chambers of the legislature, Republicans are governing their way to the least effective congress in recent memory.”


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