Statement from Chairman Zody as Rep. Braun becomes first member of Republican Senate Primary to air ads


INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody released the following statement following the news that Rep. Mike Braun will begin airing his first ad of the cycle tomorrow:

“Rep. Braun seems to believe that his wallet should be the most important factor in Indiana’s Senate race, and today’s ad is simply more proof that he’s intent on buying himself a Senate seat. Rep. Braun may claim that he’ll ‘get Washington moving again,’ but he’s not fooling the Hoosiers who can’t even get moving in their cars without paying Rep. Braun’s new gas tax that has become one of the largest tax increases in Hoosier history.

“With exactly a year to go until the election, this new ad represents a new, even more aggressive stage of the GOP primary. Congressmen Messer and Rokita have long touted themselves as the favorites for the nomination—are they willing to go up on air and start burning through their war chests in an attempt to keep up? Or will they give Rep. Braun all the time he needs to establish himself firmly and define the primary for millions of Hoosier voters who are just starting to tune into the campaign?”


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