Statement from Indiana Democrats on 2022 Elections


INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party today issued the following statement from Chairman Mike Schmuhl following the 2022 state and federal elections: 

“Indiana will be a stronger state and a better place to live and work when there is more balance at every level of Hoosier government: Federal, state, and local. Despite a difficult political environment, Hoosier Democrats held their own against an onslaught of national dark money. 

Congressman Frank Mrvan’s reelection victory was directly because union members and hard-working Hoosier families in northwest Indiana preferred action and public service over extremist cable news rhetoric. State Representative-elect Victoria Garcia-Wilburn’s win demonstrates continued Democratic suburban gains, and both Indianapolis and Fort Wayne will gain new, young leaders in the statehouse: Senator-elect Andrea Hunley and State Representative-elect Kyle Miller, respectively. Voters strongly supported and elected Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears because his balance of justice and fairness trumped outside money. These wins allowed us to hold the line so we can begin to make more gains needed for future success in the state. 

While many races did not turn out as we had hoped, we are incredibly proud of all of our candidates who stepped up to run. Mayor Tom McDermott, Destiny Wells, ZeNai Brooks, and Jessica McClellan formed a historic statewide ticket and brought new energy and new ideas to our party. Many new Democrats put their names on ballots this year – from the precinct level to countywide to Congressional districts. Their involvement in our party only makes us stronger. 

We have more work to do to rebuild our party so we can be more competitive and win more races. Next year’s municipal races are good opportunities for us to elect and reelect more Democratic community leaders across the state – and we continue to build on our approach of going everywhere and talking with everyone. Before the election, we held 160 events in 70 counties to talk with voters and garner media attention. We built an INGOP War Room at party headquarters to call out GOP extremism and hold them accountable every single day. We ramped up year-round organizing to primarily help in northwest Indiana and to help our state house field teams in central Indiana. 

Looking ahead, the 2024 elections will mark the 20-year anniversary of the Indiana Republican Party’s control over state government. That election will be a referendum on them and their record.

Over that period, Indiana’s future has dimmed, and Hoosiers are worse off than they were at the start of this century. Our quality of life has an “F” rating. Indiana’s workforce, because of ‘right to work’, earned a D- grade. A report found that Indiana has the most polluted waterways of any state. Indiana has the third-worst maternal mortality rate in the nation. In addition, the Republican supermajority in the legislature and governor took away a woman’s freedom to choose. Major employers are worried about attracting top talent. We are dead last in campaign finance transparency. And, politicized classrooms have created a teacher shortage and put Indiana’s ‘brain drain’ into overdrive. 

Indiana Republicans can spin untruths all they want, but Hoosiers are worse off because of their policies – and Democrats are ready to offer strong candidates so we can debate, compete, and win in 2024.

Indiana Democrats laid the groundwork in 2021 and 2022, and now it’s time to crisscross our  state even more, build up our party from the grassroots, elect city leaders in 2023 and a governor, U.S. Senator, and additional state legislators in 2024. Hoosiers deserve a balanced government they can trust, and Democrats are ready to deliver this future for them.” 

– Mike Schmuhl, Chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party


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