Statement on Congressman Rokita’s entry into Indiana’s Senate race


INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Democratic Party Senior Media Strategist Will Baskin-Gerwitz issued the following statement today after Congressman Todd Rokita finally announced his entry into the Republican primary for next year’s U.S. Senate seat:

“After tripping over his feet with a string of gaffes and head-scratching moves, Congressman Rokita has finally reached the GOP primary’s starting line. Over the course of this year alone, he’s shown he’s out of touch with Indiana when voting to raise health care premiums for the average Hoosier by thousands of dollars annually, and out of touch with reality when he sided with United Airlines in a passenger brutality case.

Instead of figuring out how best to serve Hoosiers, Congressman Rokita has spent his time turning his fight with Congressman Messer into the nastiest primary in the country. With little to separate the two candidates on the issues, both men instead have chosen to focus on each other and their personal flaws instead of how they can best serve Hoosiers. While voters want to see commonsense solutions from their representatives, all Congressman Rokita has been able to give them is a wave of vitriolic personal attacks.”


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