Statement on Representative Braun’s Entry into Indiana’s Senate race


INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Democratic Party Senior Media Strategist Will Baskin-Gerwitz issued the following statement today after State Representative Mike Braun announced his entry into the Republican primary for next year’s U.S. Senate seat, joining Congressmen Messer and Rokita:

Representative Braun has decided to enter the most vicious Senate primary in the nation. With Congressman Messer already in the race and Congressman Rokita on the verge of entry, success in this primary fight doesn’t seem to depend on your connection to Hoosiers, but your willingness to string together a series of brutal personal attacks.

It speaks volumes about how vicious this fight has already become that candidates like Representative Braun are concerned whether both front-runners will be too weak to contend next November after their assaults on each other. It appears Representative Braun thinks that the war of words between Congressmen Messer and Rokita gives him a path to victory. We doubt his opponents will let him remain above the fray for long.”


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