STATEMENT: Zody on Carrier Deal


INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody issued the following statement after the Indiana Economic Development Corporation’s Board approved $7 million in incentives for Carrier Corporation while 550 Indiana jobs are still being shipped to Mexico.

“Today, IEDC executives approved a deal effectively rewarding Carrier for shipping 550 good-paying jobs to Mexico. While it’s important to highlight that some Hoosier working families are keeping their jobs, it’s unfortunate that workers still don’t have a seat at the table when it comes to making these deals. Incentives have a purpose: attracting new businesses, especially those with high-wage positions. However, Governor Holcomb is allowing Carrier to back our state into a corner, forced to dole out incentives to keep jobs here or else. Bottom line, even after the ink on this closed-door deal dries, more than 500 Hoosiers will lose their jobs. Jobs that pay on average $22/hour, above the state’s median wage.”

“Today’s deal is indicative of something larger. Governor Holcomb and Statehouse Republicans have spent more time working to raise their own income than they have debating policy to raise Hoosiers’ wages. No number of deals or job announcements will replace an all-of-the-above legislative approach to raising incomes. It’s pre-k, it’s workforce development, it’s quality of place investments, it’s education and yes, targeted economic development. It’s a long-term, holistic approach and it’s something Governor Holcomb and Statehouse Republicans appear to be resisting because they’re not talking about raising wages of working Hoosiers. Instead, they continue to cut taxes for corporations and avoid investing in Hoosiers. Hoosiers deserve better.”


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