Sue Finkam Continues to Block Constituents on Social Media, Despite the Advice of Lead Strategist


CARMEL – For months Sue Finkam’s mayoral campaign has been blocking registered Carmel voters on her social media pages. As pictured below, those blocked even include voters who supported her in this May’s primary election.

The behavior is especially interesting given Finkam’s repeated pledges for increased transparency and community engagement.

Earlier this morning, Sue Finkam’s lead campaign strategist surprisingly tweeted campaign advice about transparency and online engagement directed as an attack on another candidate.

“Perhaps Sue Finkam’s lead campaign strategist should give her a call and teach her how to unblock the Carmel residents she’s been hiding from online for months,” said Indiana Democratic Party Chair Mike Schmuhl. “This is just the latest example of how Sue campaigns one way in public but behaves the opposite when she thinks no one is looking.”


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