Takeaways: Holcomb Disses Teachers (Again), Slams INGOP for Votes to Curtail His Executive Powers


Yesterday’s press conference shows Members of the INGOP have lost their respect for the Governor

The Indiana Democratic Party has repeatedly called on Governor Holcomb to prioritize seniors, vulnerable populations, AND teachers for vaccine access

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INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today provided some key takeaways from yesterday’s weekly press conference where Governor Eric Holcomb not only dismissed (again) calls for teachers to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, but he slammed Members of the Indiana Republican Party who voted this week to strip away emergency powers used to fight the pandemic. 

Ultimately, the press conference once again demonstrated why Hoosiers have no trust in a politician like Governor Holcomb. Here’s what happened:

Governor Eric Holcomb once again refused to give teachers access to the COVID-19 vaccine, despite what neighboring states are doing and with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) saying teachers are essential workers.

IndyStar: “At least two dozen other states, including all of Indiana’s neighbors have begun vaccinating teachers. With today’s news, it may be several months before Indiana gets there.” 

Holcomb criticized Members of the Indiana Republican Party for restricting the emergency powers he has used during the COVID-19 pandemic 

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette (tweet thread): “Asked, again, about emergency powers. He says his ability to handle a health emergency depends on what ends up in the law. He asked legislative leaders whether they needed a special session and they weren’t interested.

Holcomb said he had to make decisions on a daily basis with changing information. Hard for legislature to do that. Appreciates members wanting to be more of a part but to what end?

Governor says he is not alone in these attempts to limit power in many states.” 


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