Takeaways: More Holes in Holcomb’s Excuse to Deny Teachers a COVID-19 Vaccine


Jennifer McCormick: “Vaccinate educators & support staff.” 

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today exposed even more hypocrisy by Governor Eric Holcomb as he stubbornly refused to provide teachers access to a COVID-19 vaccine. During yesterday’s weekly COVID-19 press conference, Holcomb wouldn’t say how many Hoosiers on standby lists were denied a vaccine, he falsely claimed only age — not jobs or demographics — put people at higher risk for infection, and his team failed to accept responsibility for a communication failure which led to teachers getting removed from clinic standby lists.  

Eric Holcomb and the Indiana Republican Party simply do not value Indiana’s teachers or public schools. The receipts prove it, and it’s why voters are losing trust with them. 

The Indiana Democratic Party has been consistently on record calling for the state’s seniors, most vulnerable, AND essential workers — like teachers — to receive priority for a COVID-19 vaccine. However, the Party must ask: With the obvious success of the Governor’s overall vaccine rollout, why are eligible Hoosiers on standby lists when they can simply book an appointment? 

As always, here are the main takeaways from yesterday’s COVID-19 press conference: 

Eric Holcomb refuses to disclose how many clinics and Hoosiers (teachers) on standby lists lost out on a COVID-19 vaccine

Still no numbers of clinics being denied vaccines for ignoring eligibility guidelines; Holcomb says it’s ‘a small number of outliers.’”  – WIBC

“Asked directly, Dr. Box wouldn’t say how many COVID vaccine sites have been cut off from first doses for flagrantly violating the eligibility guidelines…” – Indiana Public Media

Holcomb falsely said it’s only age, not profession or demographics, that determines risk for severe COVID-19 infection

“Asked when teachers will be eligible for vaccine, the governor says the professions don’t put people at higher risk, it’s age. Says teachers, people working at truck stops or grocery stores are all at risk. Dr. Box says once state receives more doses, more groups will be added.” – ISTA

FACT CHECK: “Charting structural inequities: How lowest-paid, least-secure jobs also tend to have highest risk for COVID-19” 

“Blacks and Latinos, as well as lower-income people, are not only more likely to die from the disease than whites, but also are disproportionately hurt by the economic fallout because of the kinds of jobs they tend to hold.”

“Workers who hold the essential jobs that have kept society running during the pandemic, as well as nonessential workers like hair stylists and restaurant workers who are most at risk of virus exposure because of the face-to-face nature of their work, grapple with greater job and financial insecurity than their higher-paid counterparts who are able to work from home, the report said.”

Holcomb criticized clinics for his team’s failure to communicate with them about state vaccine guidelines, teachers caught in the crossfire 

Box is chastising clinics/health care providers who have put people who are *not* eligible for the vaccine on their wait lists.” – Indiana Public Media


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