#TBT: Nine months of lies Rep. Braun has told about his business being “made in America”


INDIANAPOLIS – Rep. Braun has spent months making false statement about his business, repeating the same lie to Hoosiers about his company being “made in America” while failing to disclose that his company manufactures and sells auto parts from China.

Since Rep. Braun announced his run for Senate, he has staked his bid on the false claim that his business is American-made and that it was “never involved in anything overseas,” as he told a crowd of supporters last December. The claims he has made about his business on the campaign trail have been disproven time and again: not only does he do business with many foreign suppliers, but also makes and sells his own products that are manufactured in China. Rep. Braun has also repeated the false claim that “95 percent of [his] suppliers are American” when in fact, 30% of his third-party suppliers are either foreign-headquartered or manufacture their products abroad.

To mark nearly nine months of lies from Rep. Braun about his business, the Party has compiled some of the many quotes and statements about his company throughout his Senate bid. He has continued with these claims, even though they’re easily debunked by reports showing he relies heavily on foreign labor:

  • December 2017: “My business is never involved in anything overseas,” Rep. Braun tells a group of Monroe County Republicans. [Bloomington Meet and Greet, 12/9/17]
  • January 2018: An ad from the Braun campaign says that “he puts Indiana, and America first”
  • February 2018: At the first GOP debate, Rep. Braun claims, “I deal with American manufacturers”
  • March 2018: Another Braun campaign ad laments that “it used to be easy to buy ‘made in America’”
  • April 2018: At another GOP debate, Rep. Braun insists that “ninety-five percent of the companies that I do business with are American companies”
  • May 2018: Braun’s website claimed his company was “100% made in America”
  • June 2018: In a general election ad, Rep. Braun claims of his company that “we’re proud to be made in America”
  • July 2018: A Braun ad claimed his company was “only operating in America, only hiring Americans”
  • July 2018: Rep. Braun goes on IN Focus and falsely claims his business has “no Chinese suppliers”
  • August 2018: Rep. Braun even lies to Breitbart News, claiming that “I’m a supplier for auto and RV parts and accessories, 95 percent of the suppliers are American companies”


“Rep. Braun has never had a problem lying to Hoosiers about his business and the substantial profits he’s enjoyed from manufacturing products in China at the expense of Hoosier workers, while Indiana factories making the exact same parts shut down,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “The more Rep. Braun repeats the same lies, the more the truth becomes clear: he’s willing to say whatever he thinks will get him elected, no matter how much he harms Hoosiers or how often his lies are proven wrong.”


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