#TBT to When Mike Pence Voted to Raise His Congressional Salary


Pence in 2007 after voting to raise his salary: “I fear Mrs. Pence more than I fear voters.”

Mike Pence is the highest paid governor in Indiana history – made 17.5% more than Mitch Daniels

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Republican Party might want to use Google before their next cheap shot. Not only did they try to attack John Gregg for a bill he didn’t vote for, but they also didn’t research the leader of their own party – Governor Mike Pence.

Not only is Mike Pence the highest paid Indiana governor ever, but he also voted to increase his own salary in Washington, saying he “fear[ed] Mrs. Pence more than I fear voters.”

“Before the Republican Party goes on the attack, they should at least research what the leader of their own party has done first. While in Washington, Mike Pence voted for his own pay raise as the federal government’s deficit exploded under then President Bush. But Indiana’s GOP is mum on that issue,” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “This attack by the Republican Party is an embarrassment and is exactly why Hoosiers are fed up with their political stunts that have not only embarrassed the state, but caused our reputations to be put in jeopardy. We can do better, and it begins by electing John Gregg as Indiana’s next governor.”


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