TBT: When Congressman Young Accepted Pay for Doing Nothing, After Saying He’d Refuse It


INDIANAPOLIS – During the 2013 government shutdown that Congressman Todd Young voted for five separate times, he made a promise to Hoosiers that he would give up his pay. After touting his vow to refuse his paycheck, Congressman Young was silent on whether or not he followed through with his promise.

Fast forward to almost exactly three years since the government shut down. After being asked directly whether or not Congressman Young accepted pay, his campaign refused to confirm if he donated his paycheck. But just a few days later, it was reported that Todd Young did in fact end up cashing his taxpayer-funded paycheck.

Meanwhile, many other members of Congress who similarly vowed to refuse pay during the shutdown were true to their word and returned their paycheck to the Treasury or donated it to charity.

“Congressman Young willingly accepted his pay, even after all his grandstanding and public vow to refuse it during the government shutdown,” said John Zody, Chairman. “Congressman Young voted five times to shut down the government—a shutdown that impacted seniors, children, and veterans relying on crucial services—and he still hasn’t admitted to Hoosiers that he accepted his paycheck for failing to do his job. His shutdown shenanigans prove Congressman Todd Young really will say or do anything to try to advance his political career, no matter the consequences for Hoosiers.”

The government shutdown Congressman Young supported cost more than $23 billion in lost economic activity.


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