Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth Goes Negative in IN-09 Race


Ad comes from PAC that received $520,000 from Tennessee Trey’s Dad, A desperate attempt to buy Congressional seat

INDIANAPOLIS – Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth is scared Hoosiers aren’t buy into his carpetbagging approach to his campaign. Tennessee Trey is so scared that he allowed his father to release a radio ad full of falsehoods about Hoosier Shelli Yoder.

Screenshot of Tennessee Trey’s false radio ad against Shelli Yoder

“Tennessee Trey’s attacks on Shelli Yoder are a projection of his own problems with his candidacy. Tennessee Trey is hiding from the fact that he’s not a Hoosier and is using dark money to influence this election,” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “But Hoosiers in the district aren’t fooled by his low rung, shady tactics. Instead, they want to elect someone who understands their issues and is from Indiana. That person is Shelli Yoder.”

This isn’t the first time Tennessee Trey tried to buy his way in this election. Hollingsworth allowed his dad to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars of dark money in the primary. And despite his refusal to pay property taxes for his businesses and release his own tax returns, Tennessee Trey is trying to replicate the same strategy from earlier in the year.


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