Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth Will Not Renounce Donald Trump



INDIANAPOLIS – Donald Trump has called women pigs, fat-shamed a former Miss Universe, and explicitly condoned sexual assault, and yet Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth still will not revoke his support of Trump on Election Day.

“Donald Trump has leveled numerous attacks on women, the disabled, and even a Hoosier, and yet Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth is still supporting Donald Trump on Election Day,” said John Zody, Chairman. “By not renouncing Trump, it shows Tennessee Trey doesn’t understand Hoosier values and is still willing to put party over country and Hoosier Common Sense. Hoosiers deserve better leadership than this in the Ninth District.”

More than 150 Republican leaders across the nation have publically renounced Donald Trump. But not Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth.

The out-of-state carpetbagger as well as Republicans in the Indiana congressional delegation have not removed their support – making them late to the game on standing up for women across the nation and in the state of Indiana.


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