Tennessee Trey Misleading Hoosiers about His Time Doing Business in Indiana


Hollingsworth’s claim of being in Indiana for a decade is false

INDIANAPOLIS – Tennessee Trey is intentionally misleading Hoosiers about his candidacy, including the amount of time he’s actually done business in Indiana.

What Tennessee Trey Says…

August 30: “”What I do differently is I have 11 years of building businesses. I have 11 years of job creation right in the state of Indiana having worked there for the last eleven years…”

What Records Show…

April 26: “Hollingsworth’s first business foray into Indiana came that year when he registered a company with the secretary of state. In March 2008, Hollingsworth’s business purchased its first Indiana property, a former Verizon warehouse in Westfield. The 33,000-square-foot facility had been listed for about $8 million.”

Why does this matter? Tennessee Trey specifically moved to Indiana last year to run a campaign that’s an attempt to buy Indiana’s Ninth District. Trey has used his dad’s money to carpetbag the state while refusing to release his tax returns and even name his favorite Hoosier.

With a record like refusing to pay his property taxes and claiming to understand Hoosiers because he “employs them,” Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth just doesn’t have the Hoosier values that are needed to represent Indiana’s Ninth District.


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