Tennessee Trey Refused to Name His Favorite Hoosier


Hollingsworth: “I hate to answer questions like that so I won’t.”

INDIANAPOLIS – Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth cannot name his favorite Hoosier. In fact, he “hates” getting asked those kind of questions from everyday Hoosiers in Indiana’s Ninth District – so he won’t even bother answering them.

That’s exactly what Tennessee Trey said during a recent Rotary Club meeting in Bloomington when a Hoosier asked him who were the three people in Indiana history he admired most.

Hollingsworth: “I get asked questions like that all the time, and here’s the problem with answering questions like that. Who do you most want to emulate in Congress? What President do you think is the best? As everybody immediately goes to their iPhones, and then Googles everything about those people, and says ‘Gosh, in 1856 this person voted for X so you must stand for what they say.’ It’s exactly the question that the gentleman up front asked. Because you support somebody or like somebody who’s done something, all of a sudden you endorse everything they’ve ever done in their entire history. So I hate to answer questions like that so I won’t.

Chalk this up with Trey “understanding” Hoosiers because he “employs them,” offending middle-class Hoosiers across the district.

But that’s Tennessee Trey, an out-of-state carpetbagger who feels entitled to move to Indiana and attempt to buy his way to Congress. It is why Trey won’t release his tax returns to the public and once refused to pay property taxes on his Indiana businesses. And it’s why Tennessee Trey is relying on dark money from his father’s SuperPAC to spread attacks on Shelli Yoder that have been proven false by the media.


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