Tennessee Trey Says He “Understands Blue Collar Workers Because He Employs Them”


Campaign spox: “Hollingsworth understands the life of a blue collar worker because he employs them across the state”

INDIANAPOLIS – Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth told a Bloomington newspaper that he understands the struggles of everyday Hoosiers. Why? “Because he employs them.”

“Hoosiers already knew Tennessee Trey was trying to buy the seat, and now they know he’s completely tone deaf to what matters most in their lives. If Tennessee Trey cannot provide any sort of empathy to Hoosiers, then why is he running for Congress?” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “But this is who Tennessee Trey is – a spoiled rich kid who feels he’s above releasing his tax returns and doing the tough work that’s needed to represent Indiana’s Ninth District. We need Shelli Yoder as our congresswoman.”

This isn’t the first time Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth has been completely tone deaf and out of touch with everyday Hoosiers. Aside from allowing his dad’s PAC to carpetbag television ads during the primary and ditching primary debates, Hollingsworth earlier this month refused to release his tax returns to the public. If Hollingsworth is in touch with Hoosier values, then why won’t he release his returns?

But don’t worry – he “understands” the Hoosier middle-class because he employs them.


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