Tennessee Trey Still Cannot Be Honest About His Residency Issues


INDIANAPOLIS – On the eve of Election Day, Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth still cannot be honest with Hoosiers about where he lives and why he ran for public office. This includes not disclosing when he first moved to Indiana, nor the real reason about why Tennessee Trey decided to run for Indiana’s Ninth District.

Reporter: “Did you move here with this race in mind? […] But that was just a few months before you entered the race, more or less.”

Tennessee Trey: “I mean, I think it was more than a few months…”

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Tennessee Trey’s interview follows what was a scathing Associated Press report exposing how Trey knowingly claimed residency in multiple states across the country. In some states like Missouri, claiming false residency is a crime and could result in a felony or misdemeanor charge.

Why does this matter? Tennessee Trey specifically moved to Indiana last year to run a campaign that’s an attempt to buy Indiana’s Ninth District. Trey has used his dad’s money to carpetbag the state while refusing to release his tax returns and even name his favorite Hoosier. With a record like refusing to pay his property taxes and claiming to understand Hoosiers because he “employs them,” Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth just doesn’t have the Hoosier values that are needed to represent Indiana’s Ninth District.

And if you don’t think this kind of dishonest was left unnoticed, look no further than below.

New Albany News & Tribune“Filings legally required Hollingsworth live in five other states”

FOX 59: “Nonetheless, the issue has dogged Hollingsworth since he entered the race, as a growing national spotlight highlights the battle between Hollingsworth and Democrat Shelli Yoder in Indiana’s ninth congressional district.”

WHAS“Allegations swirl in final days of Indiana Congressional race”

Bloomington Herald-Times: “His comments came the same day Yoder released documents showing Hollingsworth was listed as a registered agent for a Missouri company, something that requires him to live in that state in case any entity serves legal papers against the business. That release followed an Associated Press story detailing Hollingsworth having similar situations in other states.”

WLKY“Controversy surrounds race for Indiana’s 9th Congregational District seat”

WISH“Shelli Yoder accused Trey Hollingsworth of committing crimes on Thursday. It’s the latest development in the contentious race for Congress in southern Indiana’s 9th District.

Republican Trey Hollingsworth is listed as the registered agent for companies in five states according to an Associated Press report that says that designation requires him to live in those states. Indiana is not one of them.

Yoder, his Democratic opponent, produced evidence of a similar problem in a sixth state. She unveiled the documents at a news conference in Greenwood.

They are from the state of Missouri and they were filed just about a year ago. They bear Hollingsworth’s signature.”

WDRB: “Documents indicate Indiana Congressional candidate required to live in five states simultaneously”

“Public records show Hollingsworth is simultaneously required to live in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Ohio, so legal papers related to his company can be served.

In two of the states, it’s a misdemeanor to file a false document.”

Indiana Public Media“But Indiana University McKinney School of Law Vice Dean Antony Page says Hollingsworth’s company wouldn’t gain anything by listing him as the registered agent in multiple states.

“I think it’s more likely that it’s just careless and sloppy,” Page says. “What most companies would do is they would just hire a company to serve as a registered agent.”

Page says the error amounts to a misdemeanor in most states.




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