Tennessee Trey Won’t Release His Tax Returns


INDIANAPOLIS – Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth simply refuses to release his tax returns. Why? Because Tennessee Trey is afraid that Hoosiers will find out, once and for all, that he’s just a carpetbagger who is completely out of touch with the values of Southern Indiana.

In fact, Tennessee Trey was so tone deaf that he went as far as to say he’s “not worried about his tax returns,” and that Shelli Yoder “was obsessed” with them.

“Tax returns show a person’s place of residence, and for Tennessee Trey, he’s afraid Hoosiers will find out he has never called Indiana home in the first place,” said John Zody, Chairman. “Hoosiers want Tennessee Trey to do what any Hoosier would do – show us that you are willing to make the same commitment that any taxpaying Hoosier would in Southern Indiana. By refusing to do so, Tennessee Trey is proving he’s got something to hide from Hoosiers and doesn’t share our values.”


Bloomington Herald-Times“The biggest response from those at the luncheon came when the candidates were asked about releasing their tax returns.”

WTHR: “The two squared off in a debate in Greenwood today where the issue of releasing taxes was brought up. Yoder has released hers. Hollingsworth has not.”

WISH: “Democrat Shelli Yoder even hit Trey Hollingsworth (R) for not releasing his tax returns. ‘I hope that we can see through tax returns where exactly these nine companies are. Just tell us where these nine companies are, because I want to know, we want to know, where does your income come from? What are your interests here?,’ said Yoder.”

Statehouse File“The debate remained friendly until the candidates were asked in the final question if they would release their tax returns. Hollingsworth said the only taxes he’s concerned with are Hoosier taxes and called his opponent ‘obsessed’ with his financial information. Yoder, whose tax returns are posted on her website, fired back, saying Hollingsworth moved to Indiana ‘to buy a congressional seat.’”

Indiana Public Media: “Yoder and Hollingsworth didn’t mention each other until the end of the debate, when the moderator asked if the candidates would release their tax returns in the spirit of transparency.”

WIBC: “The debate was relatively informal, and stayed friendly until the final question on whether the candidates should release their tax returns. Yoder, who’s already been criticizing Hollingsworth for not doing so, noted his move from Tennessee to Jeffersonville eight months before the Republican primary, and accused him of ‘trying to buy an Indiana congressional seat.’ She says Hollingsworth should release his taxes to back up his claim to have started 11 businesses in Indiana. Hollingsworth calls Yoder ‘obsessed’ with his tax returns, and told the Greenwood Chamber audience, ‘The taxes I’m concerned about are your taxes.’”




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