Tennessee Trey’s Greatest Hits for His Carpetbagging Campaign


INDIANAPOLIS – It’s been one year since Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth announced his intentions to attempt to buy Indiana’s Ninth District. And since then, not only are Hoosiers well aware that Tennessee Trey isn’t one of them, but he’s made it pretty clear that he does not care about showing any Hoosier values either.

With today being the one year anniversary of his carpetbagging campaign, let’s take a walk down a memory lane that’s full of gaffes, dark money, and a simple refusal to release tax returns.


Tax Returns

Trey flat out refused to release his tax returns to show Hoosiers that he actually lives in the Ninth District and pays his fair share of taxes. [WTHR, 9.19.16]
Understanding Middle-Class Hoosiers Tennessee Trey said he understood middle-class Hoosiers because he “employs them.” – [WISH-TV, 9.22.16]
Favorite Hoosier When asked about his favorite Hoosier, Tennessee Trey refused to answer the question. – [Bloomington Herald-Times, 10.19.16]
False Ad Attacks on Shelli Yoder Media finds attacks by Tennessee Trey to be false and misleading against Shelli Yoder. [WTHR, 10.12.16]
Property Taxes Media reports discovered Tennessee Trey forced Hoosiers to foot bill when he refused to pay property taxes on his business. – [Indianapolis Star, 4.26.16]
Dark Money Trey allowed his father to spend $1 million and counting to carpetbag the Ninth District with false ads. – [WTHR, 10.12.16]


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