Tennessee Trey’s Many Falsehoods in Horrible Interview with IndyStar


From tax returns to his residency, Tennessee Trey appears out of touch with Hoosier values

INDIANAPOLIS – Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth had one really bad interview with the IndyStar. Just how bad was it? Let’s just say Tennessee Trey couldn’t keep his facts straight on a lot of issues important to Indiana’s Ninth District.

Aside from vagueness on his residency to admitting the true reason he wasn’t releasing his tax returns (Hint: He doesn’t want Hoosiers to “steal his secrets”), Tennessee Trey was more out of touch than ever before.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are all the major flubs from Tennessee Trey’s interview with the IndyStar.

1.      Residency – “The pinnacle of that argument is based on the fact Hollingsworth became an Indiana resident only a few months before he started running for congress. When exactly he became a resident is unclear. At times, he’s said he established residence in September 2015. At others, he’s said “early or middle of last year.” Asked recently he said early summer 2015.

Asked if that meant June or July, he replied: ‘I think that’s a good characterization.’”

2.      Tax Returns – “While Hollingsworth rails on taxes, he has declined to join Yoder in releasing his own income tax returns. He said he doesn’t want to risk the jobs of the people he employs by releasing ‘proprietary data that’s privy to those businesses.’ Much like his youthful internet startup, he doesn’t want others to steal secrets.”

3.      Location of His Businesses – “On the campaign trail, he has touted owning nine companies across 14 locations in Indiana, but he has declined to identify their locations. Indiana business records show 10 Hollingsworth companies registered in Indiana – but all of them originate from one address in Bluffton.”


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