Thanks to Democrats, Henry County Has New Police Body Cameras, Ambulances, and Water Infrastructure – Mike Braun Said “NO”


American Rescue Plan: How It Benefits You

New Castle Courier Times: Commissioners discuss how they are spending ARP funds

INDIANAPOLIS – Ahead of U.S. Senator Mike Braun’s visit to New Castle this morning, the Indiana Democratic Party – the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families – today outlined the brighter future the American Rescue Plan created for Hoosiers in Henry County. From three new ambulances, a revitalized water sewer system, and new body cameras for police officers – President Joe Biden and Indiana Democrats solved some of the most-important issues facing voters in New Castle and surrounding communities. 

U.S. Senator Mike Braun voted “NO” on the Rescue Plan, and in fact, said he was “outraged” communities like New Castle received this funding. Braun has no plan to create a better future for Indiana – just partisanship. 

In total, the American Rescue Plan brought about $23.37 million to Henry County, the City of New Castle, and surrounding communities. 

“From new ambulances to body cameras for police officers, it’s without a doubt President Joe Biden is delivering a better future for families in New Castle. Indiana Democrats supported the President’s vision for the Hoosier State, because it was time to cut out the partisanship and solve the most-important issues facing communities in Henry County – and Democrats delivered,” said Lauren Ganapini, executive director of the Indiana Democratic Party. “Unfortunately, Mike Braun said ‘NO’ to these kitchen-table issues, because like the rest of the Indiana Republican Party, he has no plan to build a brighter tomorrow for our families. Instead, Braun relies on partisanship that divides communities in all of Indiana’s 92 counties.” 

Mike Braun said “NO” to $23.37 million in COVID-19 relief funding for Henry County.

New Castle Courier Times: Commissioners discuss how they are spending ARP funds

The Henry County Commissioners met on Wednesday to discuss how to spend the county’s Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Funds. They also discussed road closures and accepting real estate offers.

The Commissioners accepted amendments of Henry County’s plan for Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Funds.

Henry County received $9 million in Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Funds from the American Rescue Plan (ARP). The money was given to Henry County and other governments to make up lost tax revenues.

Commissioner Bobbi Plummer went over what was already approved and what could be added in to the written plan of expenditures.

The commissioners have already approved the following expenses for ARP funds:

Up to $1 million for legal and financial services

Up to $1 million to contribute to a new sanitary sewer line that will serve the Henry County Jail

Up to $600,000 to provide premium pay to certain eligible employees of Henry County subject to a salary ordinance,

$10,000 as a hiring bonus for new employees accepting employment as Jail Officers at the Henry County Jail and Rehabilitation Center

$50,000 to obtain an employee who will select and write grants on behalf of Henry County

$400,000 to obtain one or more ambulances to be used by Henry County Emergency Medical Services

$8,700 to obtain the an assessment of the physical condition of certain buildings owned by Henry County

Up to $170,000 to repairs and improvements to the HVAC systems at the Henry County Justices Center

Up to $750,000 to digitize the records of the Board of Commissioners, County Counsel, and County Surveyor.

On Wednesday, the commissioners amended the plan to include:

Up to $163,000 for the staffing of the jail’s chemical addiction program including the retention of a director, counselor, and part time administrative assistant

Up to $47,387 for the acquisition of a new Chevrolet Tahoe and related equipment to allow the vehicle to be used by a K9 officer in the Henry County Sheriff’s Department.

Up to $145,495.25 for the acquisition of body worn cameras and the software and services to be worn by road officers, court officers, and reserve officers in Henry County Sheriff’s Department.

$47,387 was allocated solely as replacement of lost revenue.

All purchasing procedures and procurement by the county still have to be followed. If there is more than a single source to obtain these from, multiple quotes must be obtained.


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