The $35.6M question: will IN GOP follow through on election security?


INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana’s GOP Congressional delegation is talking tough on fighting Russian interference in US elections.

But back home, is GOP Secretary of State Connie Lawson leaving the door open to future attacks by skimping on election security? Lawson failed to push the Indiana General Assembly for enough funding to ensure every ballot cast be auditable, an act currently possible in just 40 percent of Indiana counties. Just months before the 2018 election, Lawson requested $7.6 million from a federal grant program, but has yet to publicly declare how she intends to use the funding. An independent report estimated the funding gap to replace Indiana counties’ voting machines with models that provide a paper trail to be between $22.7 million and $35.6 million.

If Indiana Congressional Republicans are serious about election integrity, Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody believed they owe Lawson a phone call – and she owes Hoosiers an explanation.

“Crossing our fingers and hoping nothing happens isn’t a strategy,” said Zody. “But Secretary Lawson’s wait-and-see approach is leaving Hoosier voters dangerously susceptible. Hoosier Republicans are right to call out Russian interference, but they’re just empty words until they push Lawson to procure new voting machines.”


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