The Greatest Spectacle in Racing: The Todd Young 498


INDIANAPOLIS – From tenderloin sandwiches to Hoosier Hysteria, Indiana is known for its (damaged) Hoosier Hospitality and (crumbling) Crossroads of America. Thanks, Mike Pence!

However, have you heard about the greatest spectacle in racing – the Todd Young 498? Established last February, the Todd Young 498 is for anyone who enjoys cutting corners and blaming others for their faults. Because according to #YoungsLaw, there’s always someone else to blame for our problems.

Official logo of the Todd Young 498

Do you have a problem with the Todd Young 498? Don’t worry. We’ll just accuse you of some cheap and dirty Chicago-style tactics even when it’s our error for not rounding up to 500.

Vroom! Vroom! Hoosiers – start your engines!



Let’s elect more Hoosier Democrats
We can't sit this one out.